Generations Church

Generations Church at Sabine Creek Ranch

Generations Church at Sabine Creek Ranch is based in Rockwall, Texas.

The sound system was a combination of existing equipment and equipment from the church's previous location and equipment at the new site that was rehung and the room tuned. The QSC speakers were re-aimed and changed to a suspended position that would facilitate better sound and better coverage for the main seating area. The upper balcony was covered by a pair of QSC 2 way 12 inch cabinets using pole cup mounts welded to the support pole for the upstairs balcony. A pair of QSC 2 way 8 inch cabinets takes care of the lower side seating areas with a pair of QSC powered subwoofers adding extended bass to the live music enjoyed during services.

The video projection area is so large it uses a combination of (5) projectors including (3) existing Epson lamp light source XGA projectors and (2) new Sony VPL-CWZ10 laser light source WXGA resolution projectors. The Sony laser projectors offer long life laser light output, a self cleaning filter both options that are a great advantage not to have to service like on other projectors.